2:nd Consortium meeting February 22-23

On February 22–23, at the offices of Circularise in the city of Hague, the Netherlands, the Onto‑DESIDE project held its second f2f meeting.

During the first day the project coordinator provided an overview of where the project stands, then all the workpackages provided updates on the current status and next steps. On the second day extra time was set aside for lively workshops on topics from WP3 (ontology modelling), WP4 (otology-based data sharing platform) and WP5 (multi flow circular value network design & development method). In addition, the respective deliverables from these workpackages where discussed.

Also, in discussions with our industry partners the project gathered valuable input on the diversity of data and data sources that need to be taken into account going forward in the project. The external advisory board of Onto-DESIDE was also invited and provided valuable feedback during the meeting, Oscar Corcho who was attending physically also had the opportunity to join in on the workshops.

During the meeting we also had the opportunity to listen to an update on the work done by the Cirpass project and their efforts of piloting digital product passports. Product passports are an important concept that are part of the data-landscape that Onto-DESIDE are working in.

Stay tuned – the first WP3 and WP4 deliverables will be published in a few days!